︎︎︎Undergraduate Studio Projects [Various]

Sauna // Design-Build

Year: 2016
Team Size: 18
Program: Wellness, Health
Size: approx. 5 sm

This sauna is a collaborative project executed by a team of eighteen students. It was designed with relaxation, wellness, ergonomics, and sustainability in mind. The simple form allows for air flow, comfort, and cleanliness on the interior while complying with CSA standards for hybrid combustible and non-combustible assemblies. Curved benches were designed to optomize comfort for the greatest range of individuals. The curves were generated using photogrammetry where imprints of reclined bodies in snow were photographed, scanned, and modelled out. Attention was paid to the exterior which included a unitized green roof with staircase for ease of maintenance, a small covered porch, and reclaimed wood cladding.

Farmer’s Market Kiosk // Design-Build

Year: 2015
Team Size: 14
Program: Display Kiosk
Size: approx. 4 sm

Mill Mrkt is a newly established farmer’s market located in downtown Sault Ste. Marie, adjacent to an abandoned pulp and paper complex. As an exercise to familiarize ourselves with the community, history, and site, our class designed and built a series of kiosks to be used in the market. This kiosk is designed for disassembly and interaction. It uses finger-jointed plywood to create flat display ledges. Large dowels stand vertically and provide rigidity to the overall structure, while moveable chalkboards work as interactive signage across the kiosk.

Ice-Hut // Design-Build

Year: 2014
Team Size: 5
Program: Recreation
Size: approx. 3 sm

This project was awarded an honourable mention in the 2014 VELUX Light of Tomorrow International Student Awards.

In Northern Ontario, ice fishing is a popular pastime where individuals or groups of people sit in small shelters to catch fish below several metres of ice. This design for a translucent ice hut lets diffuse sunlight enter the space in the day and creates a soft shining beacon of light on the ice at night. A plywood rib structre holds the corrugated plastic in its arc and is mirrored in the bench backrest at a smaller scale. The offset curved form is inspired by snowy landscapes and allows the structure to sit lightly atop the barren winter lakes.