Currently a brownfield site next to the river, this proposal adds a wetland to the site and integrates a narrow building footprint for the proposed facility. This allows the design to sit lightly on the land, rejuvinating the site ecologically and socially.

︎︎︎Undergraduate Year 4 Studio Project

Location: Chapleau ON
Program: Aging-in-Place/Aging-in-Town
Size: approx. 3380 sm

Maison Boréal is a proposal for a 20 unit retirement home and mixed-use facility. It is a project created in direct conversation with the aging community in Chapleau, who hope to one day build a retirement home to house themselves, their friends, and loved ones while staying in town. Communication with the community was mediated by the faculty at the McEwen School of Architecture.

There are several distinct programs split between the facility’s four buildings: a pair of rentable retail units, townhouses facing the main street for families, retirement apartments at the rear of the site, and a space for gathering that services the retirement compex as well as the broader community. This building design accommodates the remediation of a vacant riverfront site. Active and passive strategies regulate the buildings’ interiors, while standard construction methods & millwork modules assist with buildability in this remote Northern Ontario town.

Year: 2017
Instructor: Émilie Pinard

School: McEwen School of Architecture