Presently, set in the latter-half of 2020 is a collection based in the Time of COVID.  Gathered here are works bringing forward themes of transition, anxiety, frustration, comfort, boredom, resistance, vulnerability, urgency, and resilience.

︎︎︎Juried Group Exhibit

Year: 2020
Curator: Fynn Leitch

Location: Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough ON

Title of Work: Six Feet

This moment, complex and layered, merits a complicated response.  Expressed through painting, needlework and textile, installation, film and video, photography, pottery, image transfer, drawing, text, collage, printmaking, assemblage performance, and sculpture; this exhibit is a conversation between artists who may never meet face-to-face.

Featured Artists: Jes Hanzelkova, Emma Aurelia, Peter Barron, JoEllen Brydon, Tia Cavanagh, Christian Chapman, John Climenhage, Megan Cole, Tonya Corkey, Fiona Crangle, Andrew Cripps, Sadiqa de Meijer,  Jordan Dunlop, Teri Donovan, Holly Edwards, Henry Fernandes, Carol Forbes, Ale Groen, Julianne Gladstone, Emma Hesse, Ashley Johnson, Darcie Kennedy, Eryn Lidster, Jane LowBeer, Tara Lynn MacDougall, Katika Marczell, Beth McCubbin, Ian McLean, Andrew McPhail, Amber Helene Müller St Thomas, Yuripman Napoles Pereira, Alissa Ohashi, Paul Oldham, Kelly O’Neill, Tristan Peirce, Nadja Pelkey, Alison Postma, Andrew Rabyniuk, Matt Rogalsky, lo scott, Sheldon Storey, Wendy Trusler, Joel Matthew Warkentin, Jem Woolidge, Brandon Wulff, and David Yu 

This project titled Six Feet, consisted of one large black and glossy platform sized at 6’ in radius. Originally created as a part of the enclosure of Prototype 8.0, it was conceived of as a small stage at the beginning of 2020 and soon transformed into a physical marker of the times by the end of 2020. Six feet was the recommended measure for physical distancing and the platform became a manifestation of the personal bubble. If a person were to stand at the centre of the platform the glossy field which extended before them would be a no-go zone for others. The platform stood at the entrance to the exhibit, confronting visitors to the gallery with the imagined radius of space they had been distancing themselves all year and for the foreseeable future.

All images provided by the Art Gallery of Peterborough